Renewable Energy

A significant proportion of New Zealand's energy generation comes from renewable hydro-electric and wind power. Meridian Energy built their first South Island wind farm in 2007 at White Hills, near Mossburn in Southland. Southland has a strong natural wind resource and there are further developments planned at Kaiwera Downs and Slopedown in Southland, in addition to other inland and coastal opportunities.

New Zealand's largest hydro-electric power station is located in Southland, on Lake Manapouri in Fiordland National Park. It generates approximately 15% of the country's electricity. There are also minor hydro-electric power stations at Monowai and Mataura.

Other renewable energy opportunities exist for development into potential wave and tidal energy in Southland.  Solar energy for heating hot water is also growing in popularity in Southland.

In depth information regarding local businesses approach to "green" energy, visit the Sustainable Business website.

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