Oil Gas and Minerals in Southland

Southland has a range of energy options including significant lignite reserves, wind generation opportunities, potential wave and tidal options as well as potential on-shore and off-shore oil and gas reserves located in the Great South Basin. Recent changes within the New Zealand energy scene have directed significant focus to Southland's oil and gas resources.

Southland also contains a range of minerals which may be considered for extraction and other value added opportunities. Included in this is silicon, which has gained importance with increasing demand from the electronic and energy sectors.

Southland was also a leader in the development of a regional energy strategy. The Southland regional energy strategy was completed in November 2011 and identifies key opportunities and priorities based on the Southland Regional Energy Assessment.

Southland has seen increased interest from energy related industries eager to explore opportunties within the region.

Renewed interest in the Great South Basin has seen exploration parties complete their initial seismic activity in February 2008. In 2014 Shell NZ, and its associated consortium partners announced, they would undertake exploration drilling in the Great South Basin.

Further to oil and gas exploration, Southland holds 72% of New Zealand's recoverable coal and lignites reserves, and this is taking the interest of several companies who plan to convert the lignite to high energy diesel liquid, using a method that creates the smallest amount of carbon by-product. There have also been a number of promising coal seam gas proposals in Southland.

Southland also has a range of minerals that have been considered for extraction, particularly silicon. This has gained in interest because of high demand from the electronic and energy sectors.

Southland offers a broad range of technological expertise and huge collaborateive potential for servicing the energy sectors. The intent for Southland is to build recognition of the regional capabilities and provide a platform that allows potential exploration companies to access information regarding relevant sectors and skills through one port of call.

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